What size is my septic tank?

What size is my septic tank?

Determining the size of your septic tank can be a difficult task, especially if you have recently purchased or rented a property and have little knowledge of the waste system. One of the first questions we ask when receiving an enquiry for a septic tank empty is “What size is your septic tank?”. This helps us assess the amount of waste we need to collect and organise the correct equipment and vehicle size for the job in hand. To help you find out the size of your septic tank, we have put together some tips:

Tip 1 – Documents: In some cases, the property owner may have documentation of the septic tank installation that holds the information we need to identify the exact size of the tank or give us a good indication.

Tip 2 – Inspection: If no information can be found, we will conduct an inspection of the tank upon arrival for the empty. We will bring what we assume will be the correct equipment for emptying the tank on the day of inspection so we can get right to work if we feel we are fully prepared to empty the tank there and then.

If you wish to book an empty or inspection, please fill out our enquiry form by clicking here, and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can call us directly at (01646) 629089. Knowing the size of your septic tank can make the process of emptying it much easier and more efficient.

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