Waste Oil Collection

Our waste oil collection service provides you with a means of removing different types of waste oils and solvents from your site at very competitive rates. However we will do the legwork, providing you with all legal paperwork making sure you are compliant with Environment Agency regulations, giving you complete peace of mind.

Just 1 litre of oil can contaminate 1 million litres of water.

Split oil can pollute streams, rivers and, it soaks through the soil and rock, groundwater. Many drains lead directly to rivers, streams or lakes, and if you allow oil to enter a drain it can have the same effect as you pouring it directly into a watercourse. Oil is toxic and harmful to plants and animals and a threat to their habitats. In the ground and soil oils coat or kill the organisms which are necessary to maintain the environmental balance.
Oil spills can make drinking water sources unfit for use and is very expensive to put right. In the UK our drinking water supplies come from rivers and groundwater. We must protect them both from pollution.

Waste Oil Collection


Areas covered

Probably there are lots of waste oil collection services in UK who re-recycle oil. Therefore, in services our fleet of tankers operates throughout Wales, meaning that we’re equipped to handle bulked waste oil in large quantities or collect it directly from drums. Above All we utilize oil treatment plants situated throughout Wales which means that all of the oil we collect is recycled or recovered wherever possible.

What we can collect?

  • Automotive oils, including gearbox and transmission Oils
  • Antifreeze
  • Brake fluid
  • Diesel and gas oils
  • Heavy, medium and light fuel oils
  • Solvents
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Kerosene oil
  • Lubricating oil
  • Electrical insulation oil
  • Bulk waste oil
  • Soluble / cutting oil
  • Transformer oil
  • Turbine oil

If you face a problem and need any of our mentioned services give us a call.

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