Interceptor cleaning

Interceptor Cleaning (Commercial)

It is important to keep on top of interceptor cleaning, as it is an integral part of your drainage system. An interceptor can separate water from any local contaminants such as silt, oil and dirt. With most drainage systems seeing large build-ups of waste, it is important to avoid pollution and blockages by keeping your interceptor maintained.


The Importance Of Interceptor Cleaning

The main purpose of an interceptor is to separate silt, sludge & hydrocarbons from water waste. Primarily, the interceptor uses gravity to let waste flow through its chambers, allowing dense waste to sink, and lighter, more fluid waste to sit closer to the surface. This results in having traces of waste left in the tank once it has been emptied.

The remaining waste can be hazardous to the local environment and can also cause blockages. Therefore, it is important to have your local waste management company professionally clean and dispose of the waste.

How To Know When Your Interceptor Needs Emptying

Here at West Wales Waste, we recommend that your interceptor should be cleaned on a 6-monthly basis.

Without assessing the tank constantly it is hard to say how full your tank is with dense waste. There are multiple attributes to estimating how often your tank needs to be cleaned. These include the amount of waste which is being distributed, and how large the tank is. With this in mind, we would ordinarily suggest having it cleaned every 6 months for peace of mind.

If you have recently purchased a property which contains a drainage system with an interceptor, we advise having it cleaned and maintained as soon as possible. You can start your 6-monthly routine from then onwards.

Interceptor Cleaning With West Wales Waste

If you are in need of an interceptor cleaning service, then look no further.

West Wales Waste have a highly qualified team with connections to licensed treatment facilities who can legally dispose of your waste once we have collected it.

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