CCTV Drain Inspection Survey


At West Wales Waste we offer a wide range of CCTV Drain Inspection Surveys:

Why do you need a CCTV In-Drain Inspection?

When your drain's blocked it's tempting to try and guess what's gone wrong, but you could be wasting valuable time.

A CCTV survey takes away all the guesswork. 

To ensure our surveys are reliable and efficient, we use the latest-generation digital inspection systems and custom-made survey units to track down the problem.

First, we locate your drains using our camera's highly sensitive sensors. This gives us a valuable mapping tool, with the capacity for surveying drainage pipes ranging from 100mm to 1650mm!

Then, when we've identified the problem, we get on with clearing the blockage with our state-of-the-art, high-powered equipment.

Homebuyers Drainage Survey

We understand that buying a house can be daunting and we want to take away the added pressure of poor drainage. We offer a comprehensive drain survey which includes a condition report of the existing drains, a full drainage plan showing where the pipes run, and a recommendation report should there be any damage to the existing pipework. This will include recommendations for repair or replacement, with an indication of cost. 

Septic Tank Survey

Whether you're new to the world of off-mains drainage or you've had a septic tank before, we recommend a septic tank survey to make sure the property you're buying has a compliant, working cesspit, septic tank or sewage treatment plant. We understand this can be a headache when you're buying a property but the repercussions of not getting a survey can be catastrophic, with a new system costing upwards of £10,000. Our septic tank surveys offer guidance on whether the drainage system is operating in line with current regulations and whether it complies with the 2020 legislation change. It will ensure the current drainage system is functional and there are no problems with the integrity of the tank, soakaway or drainage field. Before getting the tank surveyed we recommend getting it emptied so we can carry out a full investigation and identify any potential problems such as water returning to the tank via the outlet.   

Welsh Water s104 Adoption Survey

If you're a building contractor nearing handover, Welsh Water will require a drainage survey before adopting the drains from the new-build site. Here at West Wales Waste we're very experienced in providing drainage adoption surveys. We understand that unwanted building materials can get into the drainage during the building process and we clean all the pipes using high-pressure water jetting before we carry out the survey. Please get in touch to arrange an appointment or 01646 629089.

Build-Over Survey

If you're building an extension at a property which is close to a sewer you'll be asked by Welsh Water to get a build-over drainage survey before starting the project. We're able to plot and map the drainage and provide a condition report of the structure and integrity of the pipework. Please get in touch to arrange an appointment or 01646 629089.

About Our Services

Our operators are professional and experienced and we aim to provide a high-quality level of service. All our CCTV Drain Inspection Surveys are carried out quickly and efficiently - for a number of clients and a variety of reasons:

  • Home Buyers Survey
  • New installations
  • Fault finding & investigation
  • Environmental and pollution: cause / solution
  • Mapping & tracing
  • Development & planning

After completing your survey, we'll produce a drainage report using industry standard WinCan software. WinCan is recognised and approved by local authorities, water boards and the WRC.

As with all our services, the CCTV Drain Inspection Survey is available out of hours. We can also access remote locations as our camera equipment is portable and versatile.

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