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At West Wales Waste, we are your go-to experts for comprehensive drain inspection services, including CCTV drain inspections, addressing blocked drains, and diagnosing any drainage system issues. Our skilled engineers employ the latest in digital technology and customised survey equipment to deliver precise and thorough assessments of drains from 100mm to 1650mm in diameter.

Why Choose West Wales Waste for Your Drainage Needs?

Our experienced team utilises cutting-edge technology to perform efficient and rapid drain inspections, enabling us to identify and resolve any drainage problems quickly. Our specialised cameras are equipped with advanced sensors, allowing for accurate location mapping of your drainage issues, be it for drain blockages or comprehensive drainage surveys.

The Importance of Professional Drain Inspections

Encountering a blocked drain can be a hassle, but with our detailed CCTV drainage surveys, we’re equipped to tackle the issue head-on. Our thorough inspections help identify any problems within your drainage system, allowing us to effectively address them with our powerful equipment.

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For unparalleled drain inspection services across West Wales, West Wales Waste is your definitive choice. To book an appointment or to learn more about our services in tackling drainage issues, please contact us at 01646 629089 or via email at

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Efficient Drain Unblocking

Our team of proficient, professional engineers is dedicated to completing tasks promptly and to the highest standards. This commitment has made us the preferred choice for drain inspections and maintenance, catering to a variety of needs including home buyer evaluations, new installations, fault detection, environmental impact assessments, mapping, tracing, development, and planning.

Upon completion of our assessments, you will receive a detailed drainage report generated through the industry-standard WinCan software, recognised and endorsed by local councils, water boards, and the WRC. Our flexible service hours and the mobility of our equipment enable us to service even the most challenging locations.

For any drainage issue, from drain blockages to comprehensive CCTV drainage surveys, West Wales Waste is here to assist.

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