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CCTV Drain Inspection Survey

CCTV Drain Inspection Survey


At West Wales Waste we provide solutions to a wide range of CCTV Drain Inspection Survey requirements. In order to ensure our surveys are reliable and efficient, we use the latest generation of digital inspection systems and custom made survey units. Equally important, we have the capacity to survey drainage pipes from 100mm to 1650mm diameter.

Why do you need a CCTV in Drain Inspection?

In a drain blockage situation, you may feel inclined to guess what could be the problem. However, this is to waste valuable time. In order to eliminate the guesswork, you need a CCTV survey performed. Once the problem has been established, we can move on to clearing the blockage using our high powered equipment. In addition, our cameras contain a sensor that enables us to locate exactly where your drains are, giving us a valuable mapping tool. 

About Our Services

Our operators are efficient, professional and experienced, and, as a result, the job will be done quickly, and well. It’s this high quality level of service that means we perform our CCTV Drain Inspection Survey for a number of clients, for a variety of reasons. Examples of surveys undertaken include:

  • Home Buyers Survey

  • New installations

  • Fault finding & investigation

  • Environmental and pollution: cause / solution

  • Mapping & tracing

  • Development & planning

Upon completion of your survey, we will produce a drainage report. We use industry standard WinCan software to generate the reports, which is recognised and approved by local authorities, water boards and the WRC.

As with all of our services, the CCTV Drain Inspection Survey is available out of hours. Moreover, we can access remote locations as our camera equipment is portable and versatile. 

So, If you face a problem and need any of our aforementioned services, give us a call.

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