Why line or patch line a drain?

If, upon surveying your drainage system with our CCTV camera equipment, we find serious fractures, cracks and/or roots, you will have two options. Either excavation, or to line the drain. Drain relining and patch lining repairs the structural integrity of the drain, without the need to dig.


How does it work?

In preparation, we use root cutters and high-pressure water jetters to remove roots and debris. Then, we use our CCTV cameras to ensure the drain is ready for our patch liner installation. 

For the lining itself, we use an innovative and efficient process. Firstly, we cut out an area of fibreglass matting to fit the area we are patching. Once we have marked the position of the repair, we can connect our inflatable packer to a set of air rods. Secondly, we impregnate the fibreglass matting with a mix of silicate resin chemicals, and then fold and wrap it into position on the packer. We insert the patch into position, then check for any creasing or movement with our camera. Thirdly, to mould the patch to the inside of the pipe, we inflate the packer and leave it in place until the patch liner has cured. Finally, we remove the calibration hose and check the repaired drain using our CCTV cameras. 

How long will the repair last?

Our drain relining and patch lining materials are the best in the industry, and exceed WRc criteria. They provide a 50 year design life with a safety factor of 2, which effectively gives 100 years of life expectancy. All of our methods and materials are up-to-date, and carried out to Water Authority Standards.


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