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How Do I Know I Need Drain Repairs?

Drains can become damaged in a number of ways. At West Wales Waste, we are able to detect and locate any drain issues and offer drain repair using the most up to date methods and technology. Initially, we will survey the drainage with a drain inspection camera, then locate and pinpoint the area of the repair.

Telltale signs that you have a damaged drain include frequent drain blockages, foul smells, damp or mould affected building walls or slow running drains. If you have noticed one of the above problems, it is likely you are in need of a drain repair. We will always look for a solution without having to dig or excavate first, so we shall assess whether we would be able to use one of our no-dig drain liners or patch repairs. When this is not possible, we will most likely have to excavate and install new pipework.

Drain Repairs With West Wales Waste

Upon inspection of your drainage system, we will have an educated idea of the cause of your drainage issue. With this information we will inform you of the problem and offer you one or more of our Drain Repair services.

Our Drain Repair Services Are:

Repairing leaking, broken or cracked drains.

Patch lining and patch fibre reshaping.

Soak away repair and installation.

Cesspit, treatment plant or septic tank installation.

Extending or installing new sections to an existing system.

Replacement manhole covers and gullies.

Planned maintenance.

Emergency maintenance.

Upon agreement, we will either start work immediately, or schedule the best time and day to service requirements.

Rats Could Also Be A Problem

Rats look for two things, shelter & food. Once they have found an area which holds both of these things, they tend to reside there for as long as possible. If you can hear rats in your attic or scuttling between your walls, it may have found both in your lovely home.
These pests carry diseases such as E.coli, Salmonella and in some cases Tuberculosis, and are therefore extremely dangerous to the health of you, your family and friends.
For more information on this subject, read our latest blog on rats entering your drainage by clicking here.

Interested in enquiring about our drain repair or installation services? Or just need information or advice? Please feel free to call us on 01646 629089 or complete a contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, to keep up to date via our Facebook page, click here.


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