Are rats entering your house through your drainage system?

The Problem

When rats are seen around your property, you can be almost certain there is a bigger issue at hand. This is because a fault in your drainage system could be the reason rats are entering your house. If you have either a damaged pipe, or an blocked opening, they will squeeze through. This kind of issue needs to be resolved almost immediately as rats can plague a building extremely quickly.

Rats look for two things, shelter & food. Once they have found an area which holds both of these things, they tend to reside there for as long as possible. If you can hear rats in your attic or scuttling between your walls it may have found both in your lovely home.

These pests carry diseases as E.coli, Salmonella and in some cases Tuberculosis, so they are extremely dangerous to the health of you, your family and friends.

Even if you haven’t seen a rat on the property, there are many ways you can identify if you have some unwelcome guests. Here are the most obvious:

– Droppings (particularly behind appliances)

– Scratching in walls or under floorboards (primarily at night)

– An ammonia-like smell

– Evidence of gnawing

It’s not uncommon that rats enter a property through a neighbouring building. This is most likely through the drainage system. Drains and sewers provide an effective entry point for the rodents.

The Solution

Fixing your drainage system is going to be the very first thing to action.

Here at West Wales Waste we are able to offer:
– A drain survey to identify where the rodents are entering your property.

– A no-dig drain repair by lining them and so sealing any cracks, holes or displaced joints.

– Installing non-return valves so that rats are unable to enter your property but waste can still leave through the pipes.

So, if you think a fault in your drainage system could be the reason rats are entering your house, please feel free to call us on 01646 629089. Alternatively, Click Here and fill out our instant quote form.

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