what is a soakaway?

What is a Soakaway?

What is a Soakaway?

 A soakaway is a drainage system designed to manage surface water from rainwater or sewage systems. It is essential in controlling water levels and avoiding flooding caused by excess rainfall. Domestic soakaways are commonly found in rear gardens adjacent to a wastewater system, such as septic tanks or sewage treatment plants.

To identify if your property has a soakaway, follow the path of draining rainwater to the bottom of your garden. You will likely come across a dip in the earth. Maintaining a soakaway is crucial to ensure it works effectively and to protect the environment. 

Waterlogging is a clear indication that your soakaway is not dispersing the water efficiently enough, so it’s important to regularly check for issues.

It’s essential to understand where you can’t install a soakaway before considering installation. The Environmental Agency has specific rules for installing a soakaway, so it’s important to be familiar with them before proceeding. It’s worth noting that soakaways are not designed to handle wastewater drainage, and septic tanks or sewage treatment plants have their own processes for breaking down effluent.

The bacteria in these systems take care of most of the work when breaking down waste, but clean airflow into the tank will help feed the bacteria and improve their efficiency. Once the process is complete, the discharged waste is environmentally friendly and should cause no harm to the surrounding environment.

If you wish to learn more about a soakaway or need help with maintenance, contact us at West Wales Waste on 01646 629089. We’ll be happy to help you understand more about this vital system.

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