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West Wales Waste: Leading the way in commercial Waste Management

West Wales Waste is at the forefront of providing innovative, eco-friendly, and cost-effective waste management solutions tailored for the industrial and commercial sectors. Our dedicated team of environmental engineers and drivers not only boast extensive experience in the field but also hold the necessary qualifications to guarantee safe, efficient, and sustainable waste removal and treatment for your organisation.

Why Choose West Wales Waste?

  • Government-Approved Facilities: We adhere to the highest standards, utilising government-approved facilities and the latest disposal and processing technologies.
  • Eco-Conscious Solutions: By partnering with us, you don’t just avail a service. You join our mission. As a waste collector and recycler, you contribute significantly towards environmental conservation, playing a pivotal role in the broader objective of saving the planet.
  • Industry Knowledge: It’s essential to comprehend the intricacies of industrial and commercial waste, which originates from diverse business sectors such as mineral waste and recycling. Such waste, if not managed correctly, can have adverse effects on the environment. Through our comprehensive waste management systems, we aim to minimise the environmental footprint caused by industrial waste.
West Wales Waste Tanker extracting waste oil

24/7 Dedicated Support

Our commitment doesn’t end with waste collection. We ensure that your waste management systems and facilities remain operational and efficient. However, should any issues arise, rest assured knowing our dedicated team of professionals is available round the clock, ready to rectify any issues swiftly.

Serving South Wales

Strategically situated in Pembrokeshire, West Wales Waste proudly extends its top-tier waste management solutions to businesses spanning the length and breadth of South Wales.

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