Top Tips for Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic tanks are a vital part of waste management systems, but they require regular maintenance to function effectively. Poor maintenance can cause damage to the tank and surrounding environment, leading to costly repairs. To avoid these issues, follow these top tips for septic tank maintenance:

  1. Regular inspections and pumping: Keep an eye on your septic tank, and carry out regular inspections to detect faults early. Have the tank de-sludged regularly to prevent it from becoming overloaded, which reduces its efficiency. Ideally, this should be done every six months, but it may vary depending on factors such as the tank’s size and usage.
  2. Properly dispose of waste: Don’t dispose of commercial chemicals, medicines, or hygiene products into the system. These can harm the bacteria that is vital to the biological process. Also, avoid using large quantities of biological cleaning products or bleach. Use biologically friendly cleaning products and only dispose of human waste, toilet paper, and a small amount of biologically friendly cleaning products.
  3. Watch your water usage: Overloading the septic tank system with too much water can cause it to become weakened, damaged, or blocked. Fix leaky taps or toilets, install energy-efficient toilets and showerheads, and only use your washing machine or dishwasher when they are full. You could also try spacing out the use of these appliances over a few days or using small load settings for small loads. Spend less time in the shower, use toilet tissue that breaks down easily when wet, and think before you flush.
  4. Protect your drain field: The drain field is as important as the septic tank because it works as a system, not just a storage facility. Avoid parking on your drain field, planting trees that could damage it, and placing other drainage systems near it. Talk to a septic tank professional if you’re unsure how far away to keep these things.

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