How to know when your septic tank needs emptying

Septic tanks are an effective way to store liquid waste, but when they fill up, they have to be maintained and emptied to prevent any damage to the environment around them.

Understanding the signs your tank is full is extremely important in order to prevent costly issues.

The answer to ‘how to know when your septic tank needs emptying’ will be indicated by the following signs, and should be acted on as soon as possible:

Seeing puddles around your tank:

This is a good indication that the solids within your tank have blocked up the system and is forcing the liquid waste to the surface. The problem needs to be investigated as soon as possible and emptied swiftly if need be.

Unpleasant smells:

One of the clearest signs is an increase in the amount your tank will smell. You can envision the kinds of scents to expect and they will become worse/more noticeable when the cesspit needs to be emptied.

This will usually indicate that your system is due an empty.

Slow working drainage:

It’s not uncommon for us to be called out to a blocked drain to discover a full septic tank is the cause. The best way to know if you have either a septic tank issue or a blocked drain is to identify the number of drains affected by slow draining fluids. If only one drain is affected, then this is an indication that you have a small blockage. But, if all of your drains seem to have the issue, then most likely you have a full septic tank.

Greener grass:

As much as it’s great to see a nice lawn, lush green grass around your septic tank could spell trouble. You will most likely see the grass greener in patches rather as the septic tank will leak in various directions.

Drains backing up:

The biggest headache of them all is when your drainage backs up. This will leave you with a very unpleasant clean up and a costly bill on disinfectant and cleaning materials. The tank will usually affect the drains at the lowest parts of the property first, but it is obviously good to identify the issues before it gets this way.

Keeping tabs on your septic tank is important as overflows will become a regular issue if the problems aren’t addressed. It is also important to maintain contact with your local waste management company in order to keep a record of how often they have emptied your tank.

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  1. You made a great point about how monitoring your septic tank is essential since overflows will develop into a regular problem if the issues aren’t addressed. Additionally, it’s critical to get in touch with your neighborhood waste management organization so that you can keep track of how frequently your tank has been emptied. Then, before the day is through, my husband and I will get our 4-year-old septic tank serviced. Our house is starting to smell like sewage, and the kitchen and toilet are both clogged.

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