How much does a cesspit cost to empty?

There are a number of different factors to consider when estimating the answer to “how much does a cesspit cost to empty?”. They can range through size and the amount of waste produced.

Knowing the size of your tank will help inform you on the average cost you will look to pay each year.

A cesspit is one of three common waste management systems which collect water waste from a property rather than being connected to a mains sewer system. Other than a cesspit, you could have a septic tank or a sewage treatment plant.

All these waste management systems have small differences in their process of collecting and treating wastewater.

The cesspit and septic tank are commonly mistaken for being the same system. Both systems run very different processes when holding/disposing of wastewater.

A cesspit is a sealed unit which stores all wastewater collected in a tank underground, in close proximity to the property, and is emptied on a regular basis. A septic tank stores and treats the wastewater which allows a majority of the wastewater to safely drain into the environment via a soakaway.

Collecting a good estimate on how much cesspit emptying costs will depend on the size of the tank. If you are curious about how often you may need to empty it, this will also depend on the size of the tank, but also, how many people live in the household.

Emptying Frequency: 1 – 10 times per year, (often more frequently).

Average cost per empty:

1000 Gallons / 4500 Litres: £110 – £130

2000 Gallons / 9000 Litres: £170 – £200

3000 Gallons / 13500 Litres: £280 – £320

4000 Gallons / 18000 Litres: £350 – £400

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