Top Tips for sewage treatment plant maintenance

Top Tips for Sewage Treatment Plant Maintenance

Top Tips for Sewage Treatment Plant Maintenance

Maintaining your sewage treatment plant is important to keep it working properly and prevent issues that may cost you a lot of money. Here are our top tips for sewage treatment plant maintenance:


  1. Use biologically friendly household cleaning products to prevent disrupting the bacteria in the tank that are responsible for breaking down sewage.

  2. Avoid flushing or draining anything other than biological waste into the system. Commercial chemicals, hygiene products, and fats, oils, and grease can cause problems and prevent the system from working correctly.

  3. Regularly de-sludge your sewage treatment tank to maximize the working life of the components and prevent the quality of the effluent from deteriorating. This should be done by a licensed waste carrier.

  4. Consider carrying out a full service of your sewage treatment plant every 24 months, and check over the components of the system more frequently to spot problems early.


By following these top tips for sewage treatment plant maintenance, you can keep your system in good working order and prevent costly issues. If you need help maintaining your system, contact a licensed waste carrier for assistance.

If you’re unsure what a sewage treatment plant is, it is a system that treats wastewater from households and other buildings to make it safe for discharge into the environment. The system encourages the growth of bacteria to break down sewage, producing a cleaner effluent.

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