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What size is my Cesspit?

Cesspits are an integral part of a property’s waste management system. They collect and store waste until it can be properly disposed of. However, knowing the size of your cesspit can be a tricky thing to determine. In this blog, we’ll be sharing some tips to help you find out the size of your cesspit.

Tip 1 – Check Documents:

The first thing to check when determining the size of your cesspit is any documentation you have about the property. If you have documentation of the cesspit installation, it will likely contain information on the size of the tank itself, or at the very least, give a good indication. If you don’t have documentation, move on to the next tip.

Tip 2 – Inspection:

If you can’t find documentation, then an inspection is the best way to determine the size of your cesspit. Our team can perform an inspection when they arrive for the empty. We will normally bring what we assume to be the correct equipment on the day of inspection so we can get right to work. In most cases, we can estimate the size of the cesspit accurately.

At West Wales Waste, we understand that determining the size of your cesspit can be a difficult task. This information is important for us to know in order to assess the amount of waste we need to collect and organise the correct equipment and vehicle for the job. If you need to book an empty or inspection, please fill out our enquiry form on our website or call us directly on (01646) 629089.

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