Our drain rodding service is an efficient way to unblock most slow draining systems we come across. This service is also a great way to maintain any drainage which has ongoing issues with blocking.

Water waste drainage can gather lots of different types of debris, including fats, food, tree roots and in some cases, animal infestation.

Drain rodding and the rodding process isn’t the most complex service, but it can be a highly efficient process for a speedily unblocking a drain.

The process involves multiple rods which are connected together and fed into the drainage with the blockage. The rod itself looks flexible at first sight, but it is a strong tool which can dislodge stubborn blockages in most cases.

If the drain rodding doesn’t clear the drain effectively enough after multiple attempts, then your waste management company will most likely move on to jetting the drainage.

Drain jetting is a similar process to rodding as another pipe is fed into the drainage. The main difference is that the pipe has a high-powered jet on the tip. This injects water at high power into the drains and will most likely clear any further blockages which stand in its way.

This secondary method is effective but will most likely be an added cost to the project.

If you would like to enquire about our costs for this service, then feel free to contact us by filling in our instant quotation forms, or alternatively call us on 01646 629089

How much does unblocking a drain cost?

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