What is the cost of installing a sewer treatment plant?

What is the cost of installing a Sewer Treatment Plant?

When looking at installing any wastewater system, there can be many different cost involved. So the answer to “What is the cost of installing a Sewer Treatment Plant?” is not necessarily a straight forward one. From the system itself to the labour of the project – all of these have varied cost implementations.

It’s important to remember that the overall cost of this system may seem high at first, but it is essential to remember the savings you will make in the long term.

By installing a sewer treatment system, you will help protect the environment. The sewage you will be discharging will be treated within the system before it is introduced into the surrounding area. This also helps breakdown and dispose of viruses and diseases which spread from the surface water.

If your sewage treatment plant is an upgrade from a previous system, then you are most likely going to avoid any fines from the Environmental Agency. If you are not up to date already, please read our article on the new 2020 septic tank regulations.

What is the price of a Sewage Treatment Plant?

For obvious reasons, the prices are widely varied. It will all come down to the size of the tank and the number of people who will be using it.

To calculate this, most people will either follow the rules outlined in British Water Flows & Loads or alternatively, you can take the advice of the company selling you the tank itself.

Tanks can cost anywhere from £1000 to £15,000 depending on size.

What is the cost of the install?

When we quote the installation of a sewage treatment plant, we assess the tank that is will be installed and the time it will take to complete the installation.

No concrete backfill is needed for the project which will only add to the savings you can make. However, you will still need to excavate where the tank will be installed. Some customers may require a discharge permit if they don’t conform with the general binding rule by National Resources Wales. This will require an application fee. On top of this, you will require planning permission and building regulation approval. But once all these have been completed, the process should go smoothly.

How much does a Sewage Treatment Plant cost to run?

Not many people are aware, but most sewage treatment plants have to have a power supply. This powers the electric air blower housed within the system. This air blower supplies fresh air which helps feed the bacteria within the tank. This will only cost roughly the same as a single lightbulb.

On top of this, you will regularly need to desludge/empty your tank when it is required.

With all this in mind, the cost of running the system will still be extremely cost-effective in the long run.

It is advised that you have you check your treatment plant regularly.

These checks should include:

· All vents should be checked to make sure they are not blocked or obscured.

· Ensure the air blower is working by listening for a gentle hum when standing beside the plant.

· Inspect pipework for blockages if necessary

· Sludge return

· Functionality of blower and/or pump

· Pump pressures

· Pump filters are replaced

· Pump Diaphragm

· Alarm

· Ventilation function tested

· Diffuser monitored to check for dispersion of air

· Tricel covers and locks

· Manifold adjusted

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