What is the cost of installing a sewer treatment plant?

What is the cost of installing a Sewer Treatment Plant?

Sewage Treatment Plant Installation Cost: What You Need to Know


If you’re looking to install a wastewater system, the cost of installing a Sewage Treatment Plant can vary significantly. The total cost depends on various factors, including the size of the tank, the number of people using it, and the cost of labour. While the overall cost may seem high initially, you will enjoy long-term savings by installing a sewage treatment system.


Sewage treatment systems play a crucial role in protecting the environment by treating the sewage before discharging it into the surrounding area. This process helps to break down viruses and diseases that may spread from the surface water, making it safe for the environment. By upgrading to a sewage treatment plant, you’ll avoid any fines from the Environmental Agency and comply with the latest 2020 septic tank regulations.


The price of a Sewage Treatment Plant varies depending on the size of the tank and the number of people using it. To calculate the cost, you can follow the guidelines outlined in British Water Flows & Loads or seek advice from the company selling you the tank. The cost of the tank can range from £1000 to £15,000.


When installing a sewage treatment plant, the installation cost is determined based on the size of the tank and the time it takes to complete the installation. The project doesn’t require concrete backfill, which saves costs. However, you’ll need to excavate the area where the tank will be installed. Some customers may require a discharge permit if they don’t conform to the general binding rule by National Resources Wales, requiring an application fee. Additionally, you’ll need planning permission and building regulation approval. Once you’ve completed all the necessary requirements, the installation process should go smoothly.


It’s also essential to consider the ongoing cost of running the sewage treatment plant. Most plants require a power supply to power the electric air blower, which helps feed the bacteria within the tank. The electricity cost for running the blower is relatively low, equivalent to that of a single lightbulb. You’ll also need to regularly desludge/empty your tank when required. Despite these costs, the long-term cost-effectiveness of the system makes it an excellent investment for your property.


To maintain your sewage treatment plant, you’ll need to perform regular checks. These include inspecting all vents to ensure they’re not blocked or obscured, checking that the air blower is working by listening for a gentle hum when standing beside the plant, and inspecting pipework for blockages if necessary. Other checks include the sludge return, functionality of blower and/or pump, pump pressures, replacement of pump filters, pump diaphragm, alarm, ventilation function tested, diffuser monitored for dispersion of air, Tricel covers and locks, and manifold adjustment.


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