What is drain jetting?

Drain jetting is an extremely effective way to clear drains from blockages and left-behind residue which may be causing the drain to back up.

Using a long and flexible jetting hose, the jet is fed into your problem pipe to the source of the blockage. This is where the high pressure from the water can move most things that stand in its way, including fat, grease and even the odd tree root. Even though the jet is set to high pressure, it is controlled to not damage the internals of your drainage system.

The high-pressure water jet used for drain clearing is specially made to be able to navigate through most kinds of drainage systems and will clear most kinds of blockages. This method of drain unblocking has multiple advantages, one of which is being environmentally friendly. Not one chemical is used in the drain jetting process, which leaves the environment around the treated area, safe and healthy.

Our customers commonly ask us for our drain jetting services when they find themselves maintaining a drain on a regular basis. If you find yourself with the same issue, you can speak to our team for help and advice on your drainage issues.

Drain jetting can also be introduced if we find that drain rodding is initially ineffective.

Our fully trained staff will be more than willing to advise you on next steps and will help with any further questions you may have regarding your drainage.

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