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Pitch Fibre Drain Repair


Pitch fibre pipes are an inferior and poor-standard form of drainage that was introduced as a cheaper option in the 1950s through to the 1970s, you will often find pitch fibre pipes in schools, hospitals and housing estates built between this period. It is recommended you check to see if you are using this type of pipe and get them replaced or repaired before it costs you a fortune in expensive repairs. Here are some of the problems caused by pitch fibre pipes and how these issues can be sorted.

Pitch Fibre Pipes can deform, blister and collapse at any time

One of the problems caused by pitch fibre pipes is their lifespan. Pitch fibre pipes have a lifespan of around 40 years. After that due to their cheap and lightweight design, they can easily collapse and become misshaped. The internal wall of a Pitch fibre pipe becomes deformed with continuous exposure to water. This is definitely a major problem when a pitch fibre pipe is responsible for moving waste and water! You will notice this will cause regular blocked drain. This problem is made even worse when oils, fats, chemicals and high-temperature fluid is passed through the pipe.

No dig drain lining is the solution

Here at West Wales Waste, we are using the most up to date equipment to avoid excavation saving you time and money. After a quick assessment, If we can see any deformed pitch fibre pipe, we can get right to work using our re rounding tool to re-open and reshape the pipe. This will allow us to install a drain liner to re-strengthen the pipe and prevent any further damage moving forward without having to dig up your property.

If you are concerned about your pitch fibre drainage, need a pitch fibre drain repair, or If you wish to enquire about anything else, please fill out one of our enquiry forms. Or give us a call on 01646 629089.