Oil and water collection

Collection and treatment of oil and water mixtures

Oil and water mixtures are a very common waste stream, caused when wastewater has become contaminated with oil. These mixtures can also contain other contaminants such as sewage. All waste oils such as fuel oil, diesel, biodiesel, or lubricating oils, etc are legally classified as a hazardous waste, under absolute hazardous entries in the List of wastes. The only two exceptions to this rule are edible oil and in certain circumstances some biodiesel. Waste oil and water mixtures on your site need to be transported away safely and legally to an authorised hazardous waste facility to recover the oil.

We are highly experienced in oil and water collections. We are able to collect oil and water mixtures from your site, whether it’s contained within drums, IBCs or in bulk liquid form. Our drivers are trained extensively to remove and transport your waste safely.

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