How much does drain unblocking & drain jetting cost?

How much does drain unblocking & drain jetting cost?

The cost of a drain unblocking or drain jetting will always come down to the scale of the blockage.

There are various different factors we have to consider when quoting drain unblocking. More than likely our professionals on the ground will have a good idea of the issue, but they potentially may want to make sure before starting work. This may include offering a CCTV inspection of the drain if we feel the drain may have further issues than once thought.

Once we believe we have identified the issue we will use one of three processes.

Drain Rodding:
Multiple rods are attached together and fed into the drainage, releasing any blockages on its way.

Drain Jetting:
A high-powered water jet is fed into the drainage while simultaneously blasting its way through any stubborn blockages which stand in its way.

Drain rodding & jetting:
Using both of the above methods to release and evacuate any blockages.

So, depending on what method the waste management expect chooses to use will inevitably affect the cost of the job.

So, in answer to the question, ‘How much does drain unblocking & drain jetting cost? Estimated costs for these services are subject to the provider:

Call-out service – £50 – £70
Emergency call-out – £170 – £200
Drain Rodding – £70 – £90
Drain jetting – £150 – £180
Drain rodding & jetting – £200 – £250
CCTV Inspection – £150 – £250

If you would like to enquiry with us for our costs for services, please feel free to fill in one of our instant quote forms or alternatively call us on 01646 629089.

The new septic tank regulations 2020

The new septic tank regulations 2020 – explained

The new septic tank regulations 2020 – explained

Regulations around discharging into surface water or watercourse(s) from a septic tank and similar wastewater systems have changed in England & Wales as of January 1 2020.

These regulations mean septic tank owners have been asked to upgrade their drainage if they have a particular type discharge process. However, the new regulations do not affect everyone.

If the owner has a septic tank which discharges indirectly away from a watercourse then the tank is still seen as lawful. More explanation is given below.

All sewage treatment plants which have full certification are and will be exempt from these regulations and will be operating within the law.

How will I know if I’m within regulations?

Your drainage from your septic tank will happen one of two ways. The best way to know if your system is within these regulations is to know the difference between the two.


A waterway allows the effluent discharge through a pipe and directly into a stream, lake or river. This is commonly known as ‘Direct Discharge’.

This method is affected by the 2020 septic tank regulations.

The law now states that direct discharge will no longer be permitted, and the owner will be advised to upgrade their system.

Drainage field:

A drainage field releases wastewater through a series of pipes into surrounding subsoils. This provides an additional form of treatment to the effluent from the septic tank. This helps the whole process become more environmentally friendly as it does not cause pollution.

This method is not affected by the new septic tank regulations.

Are any other wastewater systems affected?

As it stands, Cesspits are not affected by this particular regulation.

If you are concerned about your septic tank drainage, please contact us today and we will be happy to help.

How to know when your septic tank needs emptying

What is drain jetting?

What is Drain Jetting?

Drain jetting is an extremely effective way to clear drains from blockages and left-behind residue which may be causing the drain to back up.

Using a long and flexible jetting hose, the jet is fed into your problem pipe to the source of the blockage. This is where the high pressure from the water can move most things that stand in its way, including fat, grease and even the odd tree root. Even though the jet is set to high pressure, it is controlled to not damage the internals of your drainage system.

The high-pressure water jet used for drain clearing is specially made to be able to navigate through most kinds of drainage systems and will clear most kinds of blockages. This method of drain unblocking has multiple advantages, one of which is being environmentally friendly. Not one chemical is used in the drain jetting process, which leaves the environment around the treated area, safe and healthy.

Our customers commonly ask us for our drain jetting services when they find themselves maintaining a drain on a regular basis. If you find yourself with the same issue, you can speak to our team for help and advice on your drainage issues.

Drain jetting can also be introduced if we find that drain rodding is initially ineffective.

Our fully trained staff will be more than willing to advise you on next steps and will help with any further questions you may have regarding your drainage.

If you would like a quick quotation, please click here and fill in one of our instant quotation forms and we will be in touch as soon as we can.

What is Drain Rodding?

How much does Drain Jetting (drain unblocking) cost?

What is Drain Rodding?

Our drain rodding service is an efficient way to unblock most slow draining systems we come across. This service is also a great way to maintain any drainage which has ongoing issues with blocking.

Water waste drainage can gather lots of different types of debris, including fats, food, tree roots and in some cases, animal infestation.

Drain rodding and the rodding process isn’t the most complex service, but it can be a highly efficient process for a speedily unblocking a drain.

The process involves multiple rods which are connected together and fed into the drainage with the blockage. The rod itself looks flexible at first sight, but it is a strong tool which can dislodge stubborn blockages in most cases.

If the drain rodding doesn’t clear the drain effectively enough after multiple attempts, then your waste management company will most likely move on to jetting the drainage.

Drain jetting is a similar process to rodding as another pipe is fed into the drainage. The main difference is that the pipe has a high-powered jet on the tip. This injects water at high power into the drains and will most likely clear any further blockages which stand in its way.

This secondary method is effective but will most likely be an added cost to the project.

If you would like to enquire about our costs for this service, then feel free to contact us by filling in our instant quotation forms, or alternatively call us on 01646 629089

How much does unblocking a drain cost?

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